Social for Facebook App Reviews

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Very cool!

All the Social Apps of GrandSoft are really great! They are easy to use, stabile, look great and just work fine. You can even swap between mobile and desktop view. And it notifies you, when getting a message. So everything I expect, great work =)


This app makes little sense. How do you actually use multiple accounts? I was able to log in with one account in the Desktop view and another in Mobile view, but what if you want both in Desktop view? Ive tried going through Preferences, right clicking on a number of different icons and tabs, but there are no options to allow someone to log into multiple accounts simultaneously. There are no FAQs or instructions in the app or on the Support website. Disappointing app.

Stuck in a Loop

This was fine up until I tried to play words with friends on it and now it stuck in a loop where it keeps reloading the page and I cant close it or go anywhere else.

Works as it says

Works as it says, its great to have when your a person who uses facebook more then twitter, would definatley recommend.

Pretty Awesome!

This application does what I need it to do period. No longer do I need to launch a browser for something that should be relatively simple. One necessary improvement would basically be processing optimization. Sometimes this app will consume 90%+ processing from my macbook, and I cant figure out why. Might be a bug, but I dont want my mac to heat up just for opening up facebook. All-in-all, get this app, its a must!

Works well

i find it very helpful. Its always available and find that I can jump to it with the keyboard shortcut quite quickly. Havent had any issues with it yet.

Good but can’t hit enter to send?

This app does what it says it does. It disappears quickly from the desktop when not in use and is easy to pull back up. It also displays a discreet message at the top of the screen when a message comes in, instead of popping up in its entirety. However, when writing messages in the mobile display, I have not been able to get them to send by hitting enter. This is an issue because it’s not quick to move the cursor over to hit send every time. Further, when the cursor is moved to hit send, it doesn’t default back to the space for text. I may abandon this app because of this.

Awesome!! Speeds up my Safari too!!

I used to have a tab open for Facebook about 90% of the time, and after a while it would make safari start to lag, and Id have to close it.. With this app i dont neve need the facebook tab, thus, problem solved!! The only thing that bugs me about it is the notification sound.. its sooooo annoying.. You can turn it off, but I like having a sound.. It would be better if it wasnt such a loud TING noise..

<3 it

works properly.

GREAT GREAT.. Its easy to use

Not as diffucult to open tabs like MenuTab I lovee itt <3 Its like the social network at the palm of my finger tips Its very sleek the layout is on point 5/5 Scoree !

The app doesnt open!

The application does not open when I click on the icon at the top bar. Please fix this bug.


Its WAY better than i expected! Easy and Simple to use! works amazing! really surprised

Get IT!

Honestly thought it would be stupid and wouldnt work, but I was totally wrong! Its the best, GET IT!


I tried Menu Tab.. wasnt impressed. I downloaded this, its great! Not only is it a mini facebook, were you can actually chat, unlike Menu Tab, but its convienient. I dont even have to get a browser up! Definitly download!

Good! Good!

Ive tried this app for about 2 weeks, and nothing bad happen. The navigation is very easy, or if I may say, its like a minimized version of Facebook opened in browser. The little difference is this app cant do multitab browsing, which is not much bothering me at all. The notifications a bit slow, but I think it depend on the internet connection by provider. So, I guess I wont regret giving 4-stars for this app.


When I download it the first time it was ok for about a week now it wont let me see a page or a friends page without signing in again it logs me out. So annoying

i dont kn ow

i like the app but its not coming up. for some reason when i click on it the application doesnt run. what should i do

Great app

amazing in every way, fast easy to use and its just Facebook.

Great App !!!

Social for Facebook helps me manage all Facebook tasks with ease. I did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised when I tried this app. It has been working great for me as the navigation is really easy. I use Facebook to communicate with my friends and family and sometimes clients too! This app has made social networking much easier as I am enjoying handling all my Facebook activities effortlessly. I was excited to learn from an online discussion forum that the Social for Facebook app is completely free and downloaded it the very same day. I am happier for it…..

It would be awesome if....

I installed this because I want to be able to be logged into my business Facebook and personal at one time without using incognito. Issue is that once Im logged into this with one account, it wont sign me into the other. Annoying bug.

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